Mr Namir Shabibi

Prior to joining Westminster, I gained my MA Philosophy from Leiden University and BA Politics from SOAS.

As an independent investigative journalist, I have published reports and documentaries for the BBC, the Bureau and VICE, among others, and now contribute to Declassified UK. 

I also undertake investigative research for legal cases, and have served as an expert witness on counter-terrorism. 

I previously worked for Reprieve and the International Committee of the Red Cross in Guantánamo Bay and Darfur.

My doctoral research explores the role of covert paramilitary action in the “War on Terror”, using ethnographic methods to shed light on Anglo-American integrated operations.

I also lead Working Group on Telecoms, Spyware and Surveillance, an Open Society Foundations-funded research project based at Unredacted (

  • Centre for the Study of Democracy

Sustainable Development Goals
In brief

Research areas

covert action, counterinsurgency, clandestine activity, paramilitary operations and war on terrorism

Skills / expertise

ethnography, documentary analysis and semi-structured interviews