Dr Lewis Mattin

Dr Lewis Mattin

My research employs randomised controlled trials using human volunteers to study the effects of nutrition and exercise on the gut-brain axis and metabolic regulation. The primary focus is to comprehend weight management within a recreational fit population to prevent long-term fat accumulation after exercise. Secondly, recognise how substrate utilisation, appetite and gastrointestinal response change as humans move from a healthy condition to an unhealthy state. Although, this research has a strong exercise prescription and nutritional origin, it also has a compelling endocrinology focus related to changes in gut hormones (ghrelin, GLP-1, and PYY), after exercise, nutrient ingestion or within a fasted state. This research area is multidisciplinary and sits on the edge of serval societies and grant funding interests. 

I research health, sport, and exercise nutrition predominantly using human volunteers to enhance knowledge related to  metabolic regulation, time of day feeding, and appetite control. With a special interest in endocrinology related to gastrointestinal hormones.

Fasted vs Fed

Circadian rhythm

Low carbs high fat

Exercise snaking

Gut Microbiome

Gut brain axis 

  • The Centre for Nutraceuticals
  • Centre for Resilience

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In brief

Research areas

Health, Nutrition, Exercise prescription and Human Physiology

Skills / expertise

hydration, Appetite , Gastric emptying and Gut-brain axis

Supervision interests

Gastrointestinal function , Hormone regulation, Metabolic adaptation, Weight management and Sport nutrition