Dr Freddie Partridge

Dr Freddie Partridge

I have an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and a DPhil in Molecular Genetics, both from the University of Oxford. I was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Manchester and UCL with Prof David Sattelle and Prof David Lomas. In 2023 I joined the University of Westminster as a Lecturer in Cell Biology.


Much of my research is centered on the nematode model organism C. elegans. My research interests include C. elegans models of genetic disease, serine protease inhibitors in disease, drug discovery and target identification for parasitic diseases, and development of methods for high-throughput assays.

I am collaborating with Prof Kathryn Else (Manchester), Prof Angela Russell (Oxford), and Prof David Sattelle (UCL) to find a new therapeutic for whipworm, a parasitic worm that infects around 500 million people. 

  • Pathobiology and Extracellular Vesicle Research Group
  • Centre for Resilience

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