Dr Wei Hutchinson

Dr Wei Hutchinson

Dr. Wei Hutchinson currently serves as a Lecturer and Course Leader in the School of Management and Marketing. She holds a PhD in Marketing, an MA in Entrepreneurial Leadership in Global Business, and a Master of Social Science in Social Work. She leads undergraduate and postgraduate modules, teaching Discover Consumer Insight to second-year undergraduates and Managerial Data Analytics for Marketing to postgraduates. Her previous experience includes founding her own business consulting startup, providing marketing strategies and research, working as a reward specialist in a renowned investment bank, and serving as a registered social worker and youth counsellor in Hong Kong. Her diverse background imparts practical knowledge to equip students with the skills needed to thrive in today's competitive job market. Dr. Hutchinson believes in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within her teaching practices. Drawing from her experiences in adapting to different cultural contexts and effectively communicating with individuals from diverse backgrounds, she brings a unique perspective to the classroom. She is committed to creating a welcoming environment where students can thrive and succeed.


PhD in Marketing, Northumbria University (Fully funded PhD studentship)

MA in Entrepreneurial Leadership in Global Business, University of Chester

Master of Social Science in Social Work, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Published articles:

Hutchinson, W., Djafarova, E., Liu, S., & Abdelrahman, M. (2023). Investigating the impact of food tourism vlogger entrepreneurs' language characteristics on audiences' attitude and behaviours. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research.

Wei L. Hutchinson and Ran Liu (Sophie), "A Hybrid Travel Recommender System for Group Tourists" (2019). ICEB 2019 Proceedings (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK). 61.https://aisel.aisnet.org/iceb2019/61

Ongoing Projects:

ChatGPT-Generated Travel Itineraries Project

ASMR and Consumer Experience Project

Pro-social good livestreaming and Purchase Intention Project

In brief

Research areas

Digital Marketing, Sensory Marketing, Influencer Marketing , Consumer Insight, Destination Marketing, Generative AI in Marketing and Tourism, Virtual Social Media Influencer and ASMR user experience

Skills / expertise

UGC Data mining and Sentiment Analysis, SPSS and Amos, Python, R and Predictive modelling, Power BI and data visualisation and Google Analytics

Supervision interests

She enthusiastically guides and collaborates with students in consumer behaviour and marketing research in the digital era. Her interests include eWOM, digital influencers, Generation Z, social media engagement, VR, smart tourism, and enhancing consumer experiences.