Dr Nilu Kannangara

Dr Nilu Kannangara

I am a Molecular and biochemical Parasitologist and a Lecturer in Clinical Microbiology with a background of Biochemistry and Molecular biology. I obtained my doctorate from Durham University, UK, specialised in Toxoplasma gondii drug target research. My undergraduate degree is from University of Colombo, Sri Lanka and in Immuno-parasitology with emphasis on Malaria recombinant vaccine research.

I am passionate about teaching and have over 11 years of University teaching experience with a range of degree programmes in Biomedical, Biological, Life and Health Sciences and foundation degrees. I taught in a few universities including Russell group and Collegiate universities. In my previous employment at Chester medical school, I was a senior lecturer and the programme leader for BSc in Biomedical science. 

Currently, I am the course leader of FDSc Biomedical and Physiological sciences and co-course leader of BSc Applied Biomedical science (apprenticeships). 

I am a fellow of Higher Education Academy and  a fellow of Institute of Biomedical Science. I am an active member of HUCBMS and ESLTIS and involved in knowledge exchange and networking activities. 

I am keen in developing and widening participation with industry, NHS and community aligned with the sustainable development goals.

My area of expertise is in molecular microbiology, parasitology, biochemistry and immunology. My research interest is to identify and evaluate various aspects of host-parasite interactions using metagenomic approach from the data obtained from molecular scatological methods.

I am keen in pedagogic research in interactive teaching and learning innovations in teaching Molecular Biosciences.

Sustainable Development Goals
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Research areas

Molecular Parasitology, Neglected tropical diseases and Toxoplasma gondii

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Academia, Research and Teaching

Supervision interests

Molecular and biochemical parasitology and microbiology