Dr Antony Black

Dr Antony Black

My PhD and post-doctoral research were in the field of T cell immunology. I then worked as an HIV-vaccine trial manager for 4 years and, most recently, as the head of a research group in the Pasteur Institute in Laos for 11 years. I joined the University of Westminster in August 2023.

My research focuses on infectious diseases and vaccines using an interdisciplinary approach, with integrated public health investigations. Recent studies include investigations into tetanus, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, diphtheria, measles and rubella seroprevalence in vulnerable populations as well as vaccine immunogenicity studies. I have published widely in the fields of immunology, vaccinology and public health (70+ peer-reviewed manuscripts).

  • Genomics and Infectious Diseases

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Research areas

Immunology, Vaccines, Infectious diseases and Global health

Skills / expertise

Immunology, Vaccines and Hepatitis viruses

Supervision interests

Vaccinology, Immunology and Infectious diseases