Ms Kathryn Minson

Originally from the southern most end of the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area Kate is an American PhD researcher who attends the University of Westminster remotely. The working title of her dissertation isĀ Using Autobiographical Memory to Facilitate Intergroup Contact Experiences.

After graduating from the University of Oregon's Clark Honors College with two Bachelors of Arts degrees in psychology and Spanish and an additional Second Language Acquisition and Teaching certification, Kate pursued a MSc in the Psychology of Social Relations at the University of London, Goldsmiths from 2017 to 2018.

Her work outside of academia ranges from blueberry packing at a local family farm to work as a "push-in" special education assistant in an area middle school. Such positions fostered a passionate desire to translate her research into direct and meaningful impact outside of academia as well as within.

Kate's research main research interest is prejudice reduction. More specifically, she is interested the reduction of bias and other anti-social behaviors and cognitive processes using frameworks proposed by intergroup contact theory. Her dissertation, titled Using Autobiographical Memory to Facilitate Intergroup Contact Experiences, aims to develop specific interventions using tools that autobiographical memory research has shown to prime rich cultural identity. It is anticipated that this will facilitate intergroup experiences, making them meaningful, and thus reducing prejudice.

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Research areas

social psychology, prejudice reduction, autobiographical memory and Intergroup Contact Theory
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University of Oregon

Latin Honors: Magna cum laude

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