Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors of nerve and muscle: Functional aspects

Single-channel and whole-cell currents evoked by acetylcholine in dissociated sympathetic neurons of the rat

Vita Futurista. Italian Futurism 1909-44

Steve Reich. A new musical language

Jacob Epstein. Rebel-angel

Invocation. Maya Deren

Managing Relocation

A door in the wall

IAS: a knowledge based image analysis system

Multiprocessor architectures for knowledge based image analysis

Real time software engineering

Computer architecture

Map of Dreams: Four part series

Alter Image: Series 2

ARTS IP: adaptive real time strategies for image processing

Timescales for ecological change in regulated rivers

River regulation in Europe: an historical perspective

Novel algorithms for the soft-systolic paradigm

The solution of parabolic differential equations by systolic marching techniques

Matrix inversion by systolic rank annihilation

A parallel computer based on lambda graphs

High resolution proton nuclear magnetic resonance studies of human cerebrospinal fluid

Diksyoner kreol morisyen: Dictionary of Mauritian Creole

Histoire sociale et creolisation a la reunion et a Maurice

The historical developments in Chinese Pidgin English and the nature of the relationships between the various Pidgin Englishes of the Pacific region

International guide to African studies research. 2nd fully rev. and expanded ed.

Combien y a-t-il eu de genèses créoles à base lexicale française?

Book review: Ian F. Hancock (ed.): Diversity and development in English-related Creoles. viii, 168 pp. Ann Arbor: Karoma Publishers Inc., 1985

La guerra civil española en el mar

How to use psychological abstracts and biological abstracts

Thesaurus of African languages: a classified and annotated inventory of the spoken languages of Africa with an appendix on their written representation

Construction of extrapolation tables by systolic arrays for solving ordinary differential equations

Large rivers and large water projects

Assignment of resonances for ‘acute-phase’ glycoproteins in high resolution proton NMR spectra of human blood plasma

Morphology and sedimentology of a tributary confluence bar in a regulated river: North Tyne, U.K.

1H NMR studies of human blood plasma assignment of resonances for lipoproteins

On the analysis and design of manufacturing systems

Tribulin output in neurological disorders

Coordination chemistry in biological media: reactions of antitumor Pt(II) and Au(III) complexes with cell culture media