Exploring Television Acting

Cantrell, T. and Hogg, C. (ed.) 2018. Exploring Television Acting. London Bloomsbury.

TitleExploring Television Acting
EditorsCantrell, T. and Hogg, C.

The first collection of its kind to bring together scholarly and practitioner perspectives, this book analyses the experiences, skills and techniques of actors when working on television. Featuring eleven chapters by internationally distinguished researchers and actor trainers, this collection examines the acting processes and resulting performances of some of the most acclaimed television actors.

Topics include: studio and location realism; actor training for television; actor well-being in the television industry; performance in reality television and British and Irish actors in contemporary US television. The book also contains case studies examining the work of Emmy-award-winning actor Viola Davis and the iconic character of Gene Hunt in Life on Mars (BBC, 2006-2007).

Publication dates
Published31 May 2018
Place of publicationLondon

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