Learner and teacher autonomy: concepts, realities and responses

Lamb, T. and Reinders, H. (ed.) 2008. Learner and teacher autonomy: concepts, realities and responses. Amsterdam, Netherlands John Benjamins.

TitleLearner and teacher autonomy: concepts, realities and responses
EditorsLamb, T. and Reinders, H.

This edited volume offers a cohesive account of recent developments acrossthe world in the field of learner and teacher autonomy in languages education. Drawing on the work of eminent researchers of language learning and
teaching, it explores at both conceptual and practical levels issues related to current pedagogical developments in a wide range of contexts. Global shifts have led to an increase in autonomous and independent learning both in policy and practice (including self-access and distance learning). The book’s scope and focus will therefore be beneficial to language teachers as well as to students and researchers in applied linguistics and those involved in pre- and in-service teacher education. The book concludes with an overview of the state of research in this field, focusing on the(inter)relationships between the concepts of learner and teacher autonomy.

Keywordslearner autonomy, teacher autonomy, language learning
PublisherJohn Benjamins
Publication dates
Place of publicationAmsterdam, Netherlands

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