Making Space, adding value; locating and defining the 'creative space' of spatial production.

Evans, E. 2017. Making Space, adding value; locating and defining the 'creative space' of spatial production. Professional Practices in the Built Environment. University of Reading 27 - 28 Apr 2017 Value of Architects, University of Reading.

TitleMaking Space, adding value; locating and defining the 'creative space' of spatial production.
AuthorsEvans, E.
TypeConference paper

Ideas are born within a mental ‘creative space’ and are valued across creative disciplines. However, as architectural practice frantically responds to demands of time, economy and style, the value of such ‘creativity’ and ‘space for creativity’ is often overlooked or treated as an add-on. Despite expectations on architects to improve the built environment, neither ongoing changes to the role of the architect, nor imminent changes to educational structures recognise and value the imagination as key to the synthesis of professional knowledge and design vision.  As part of a larger research project exploring the relationship between mentally imagined space and physically experienced place, this paper focuses on defining and locating the mental ‘creative spaces’ within invisible structures of creative practice. The findings of focus-groups with architects, artists, students and educators from a range of disciplines identify themes linked to invention and synthesis within the design process; exploring where these ‘spaces’ exist within design methodologies, practices and educational structures. Discussions and analysis are guided by underlying concepts such as ‘the outside’, ‘third space’, ‘rhythmanalysis’ and ‘undirected thought’. Conclusions will be used to reassert the salience of, and need to protect the ‘creative space’ within modes of architectural practice and educational pedagogies.

Keywordsarchitecture, creativity, neuroscience, pedagogy, undirected thought
ConferenceProfessional Practices in the Built Environment
PublisherValue of Architects, University of Reading
Accepted author manuscript
Publication dates
PublishedApr 2017
Journal citationpp. 205-214
Book titleProfessional Practices in the Built Environment, University of Reading, 27-28 th April 2017: Conference Proceedings
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