Understanding Media Production

Dwyer, P. 2019. Understanding Media Production. London Routledge.

TitleUnderstanding Media Production
TypeScholarly edition
AuthorsDwyer, P.

Using in-depth analysis of film, TV, news and online productions, Understanding Media Production shows how media theory helps aspiring producers understand good practice in media production.

With detailed contemporary examples, including Pirates of The Caribbean, Game of Thrones, Love Island and PewDiePie’s ‘letsplay’ videos, Dwyer highlights similarities and differences in the production strategies and styles used for a wide range of media products. The book tracks the evolution of these entertainment formats and the emergence of the media businesses which produce them. Chapters describe the key production practices associated with each format, including single and multi-camera filming, news reporting, three-point lighting and gameplay animation. They also explain the development of the production roles associated with these content forms; directors, producers, reporters, correspondents etc. The book goes on to explain how media businesses have used new technologies and production innovations to reduce costs and increase profits, resulting in dramatic changes to established production practices and roles.

By comparing media production across media industries, in the UK and US, and illustrating the links between economic, socio-political and cultural influences on production, Understanding Media Production opens up a constructive debate between media practitioners and theorists about key questions of creativity and innovation in production.

Keywordsproduction feature films TV series news formats online video
Publication dates
Published30 Apr 2019
Published in print14 May 2019
Place of publicationLondon
Web address (URL)https://www.routledge.com/Understanding-Media-Production-1st-Edition/Dwyer/p/book/9781138238145

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