Dancers - ACE064.2

1978. Dancers - ACE064.2.

TitleDancers - ACE064.2

Credits. Rehearsal room. Dancer Pixillated, and otherwise non-linear, intercut with credits. Dancer continues. Early morning. Cat wanting to get out. Woman opening blind. Rehearsal room. Woman getting up. Her VO talks about the parts of her body she likes and dislikes. Man also getting up; his VO talking about being "on the border" between "romantic and symbol". The two at breakfast, woman taking shower; various VOs of other dancers, etc. Dancers doing barre exercises in rehearsal room: shots of feet, hands, faces, shapes, etc. Stretching, relaxing, trying out movements and postures.

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Dancers - ACE064.3
1978. Dancers - ACE064.3.

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1978. Dancers - ACE064.4.

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