Dancers - ACE064.4

1978. Dancers - ACE064.4.

TitleDancers - ACE064.4

Male dancers performing part of Cruel Garden (1977). Dressing-table. Woman applying make-up. VO talks about her face. Cleaning off make-up. Man and woman leave house and cycle off. Dressing tables; dancers doing hair, making up, preparing feet, etc. Couple cycling. Dressing room: dancers changing costumes and make-up (after performance of Embrace Tiger and Return to Mountain). Cyclists. Dressing rooms. Action pixillated and speeded up. Cyclists. Dressing room. Make-up trays. Performers in make-up. Photographs. Rehearsal room. Cyclists. Traffic. Exterior Ballet Rambert premises, Chiswick, with window display of costumes for Pierrot Lunaire and Ziggurat. Rehearsal room. With thanks to the dancers of Ballet Rambert.

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1978. Dancers - ACE064.2.

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1978. Dancers - ACE064.3.

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