A Prophecy - ACE069.2

1978. A Prophecy - ACE069.2.

TitleA Prophecy - ACE069.2

In a Tibetan settlement [Bylakuppe], Karnataka state, southern India. An eldest son prepares offerings at his family altar. Statue of lama. Daughter sweeps courtyard. Mother prostrates to the Lord Buddha. Statue of Buddha. Father offers incense and prays as he does so. Commentary says that, since the Chinese occupation began in the 1950s, some 80,000 Tibetans have left Tibet to settle in India, where they are able to maintain their cultural traditions. Man praying. Cattle being turned out as family leaves for work in the fields. Commentary says that Tibet is being administered as part of China, expected to follow China’s politics ideology and thus "bend to China’s active dislike of religious doctrine", and that the culture of the Tibetan settlements in India is very similar to "the traditional social forms of the old Tibet".

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