A Prophecy - ACE069.4

1978. A Prophecy - ACE069.4.

TitleA Prophecy - ACE069.4

Caption: "The Carpet Co-operative." Women and men spinning, weaving, stringing loom, trimming pile, etc. Commentary describes constitutional structure of Tibetan settlements in India, based around co-operatives; education and health facilities are available to all. Finished rugs; commentary explains materials and some of the symbolism in design. Caption: "The Dalai Lama gives a teaching to his Abbots and Monks." Monks taking their places for the start of a twelve-day teaching at which the Dalai Lama will describes stages in progress towards Buddha-hood. Dalai Lama reciting the Heart Sutra with the monks. Mural. Singing offerings. Dalai Lama begins his teaching.

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