The Phantom Captain Appears - ACE078.2

1978. The Phantom Captain Appears - ACE078.2.

TitleThe Phantom Captain Appears - ACE078.2

Golders Green Unitarian Church. Reverend Keith Gilley quotes e e cummings, "the magical hour when is becomes if", saying that all church services are about "the attempt to make ‘is’ into ‘if’", and that that’s what the Phantom Captain tried to do as well. The Phantom Captain entering church to organ accompaniment. Neil Hornick talks about how The Phantom Captain had to become a religious cult, and the development of the service, "Secretions" (or the "Secret Service"), for The First Church of the Phantom Captain Reformed. The "service". Preacher talking about St Augustine and God. Different kinds of smiling and laughter. Peter Godfrey says that The Phantom Captain tried to work "in the area between theatre and reality" but he was prepared to see the show as a genuine religious service. Performance: Personal Testimony. Navigator Bright saying he’s given up drink and drugs. Hornick says that the work was more than "a surrealist joke", "an authentic expression of what we hold sacred", humour. Rescue introduces Navigator coming "face to face with the unknown". Woman in white with goldfish bowl. "Simple Secretions for beginners." "Doubts and Heresies." "Navigator C healed of Sea Sickness."

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