The Phantom Captain Appears - ACE078.3

1978. The Phantom Captain Appears - ACE078.3.

TitleThe Phantom Captain Appears - ACE078.3

The Phantom Captain’s Waiter Service. Paging "Mr Jordan" who takes a phone call about trying to stop an experimental nuclear reactor blowing up. Customers are encouraged to order from the "menu of intriguing experiences". Waiters and waitresses singing. "Party Atmosphere." "Abject Apologies." "Auto-Eroticism." Joel Cutrara says if they really know what they were doing, they wouldn’t – and couldn’t – be doing it. Hornick talks about "infiltration work" in everyday situations in which they are not immediately identified as actors. Pretending to be foreign tourists at Jubilee celebrations. Hornick shows and talks about the "Tilburg Pissing Bottles" presented to The Phantom Captain when they performed there in 1976. The First Church of the Phantom Captain Reformed. Navigator Bright singing "Sail on, My Captain". The Phantom Captain on board ship.

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The Phantom Captain Appears - ACE078.2
1978. The Phantom Captain Appears - ACE078.2.

The Phantom Captain Appears - ACE078.4
1978. The Phantom Captain Appears - ACE078.4.

The Phantom Captain Appears - ACE078.5
1978. The Phantom Captain Appears - ACE078.5.

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