Ubu - ACE080.2

1978. Ubu - ACE080.2.

TitleUbu - ACE080.2

Act One, The house of Ma et Pa Ubu. Ma and Pa quarreling. She suggests he could be King of Poland. Pa plots with Captain Drubbish. Act Two, The Plot. Pa inciting Ma, Drubbish and others against King Wenceslas. King’s messenger summons Ubu to go to the King. Act Three, The Royal Palace. Pa denounces Ma and Drubbish. Prince warns Wenceslas against Ubu. King ennobles Ubu. Act Four, The Grande Parade. Parade. Ubu and Drubbish kill King; Ubu crowns himself. Prince hides.
Caption: "Prince Bugrelas and the Queen escape Ubu’s clutches and flee to a hiding place in the mountains." Prince and Queen, now dead. Ghost of the knight Matthias of Koningsberg tells Bugrelas that Pa Ubu has killed his father and that he must avenge him. Bugrelas picks up the sword Vengeance.

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Ubu - ACE080.3
1978. Ubu - ACE080.3.

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