Ubu - ACE080.3

1978. Ubu - ACE080.3.

TitleUbu - ACE080.3

Act Five, Ubu Roi. Pa is persuaded to distribute money to the people. Act Six, The Ubu Regime. Ubu and his torturers dismiss the judges. The nobles are pushed into a pit. Pa Ubu learns that Bugrelas has returned. Ma tells him this means war.
Act 7, The Battle. The opposing armies form up. Pa leads his troops on his wooden horse. Bugrelas and his knights. The battle. Pa runs away and hides. Bugrelas is victorious. Pa is chased by a bear which he kills. Ma and Pa fight. Water. Pa and Ma sunning themselves in a punt. What a pretty little adventure. Credits.

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Ubu - ACE080.2
1978. Ubu - ACE080.2.

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