Margaret Tait. Film Maker - ACE131.3

1983. Margaret Tait. Film Maker - ACE131.3.

TitleMargaret Tait. Film Maker - ACE131.3

Part of a brochure for a "film portrait". Tait talking about her "portrait" of Hugh MacDiarmid. Extract from Hugh MacDiarmid – A Portrait (1964). Tait reads from MacDiarmid’s poem, Somersault, which she used in the film. Another extract from the film, with the poem on the sound-track. Books of Tait’s own short stories and verse. Copy of Hector MacAndrew’s musical setting for Hill Top People. Talking about Where I am is Here (1964). Opening sequences of the film. Tait talking about Caora Mor – The Big Sheep (1966). Extract from the film. Tait talks about the film and Highlanders’ memories of the Clearances. Another extract from The Big Sheep.

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Margaret Tait. Film Maker - ACE131.2
1983. Margaret Tait. Film Maker - ACE131.2.

Margaret Tait. Film Maker - ACE131.4
1983. Margaret Tait. Film Maker - ACE131.4.

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