Margaret Tait. Film Maker - ACE131.4

1983. Margaret Tait. Film Maker - ACE131.4.

TitleMargaret Tait. Film Maker - ACE131.4

Tait talking about her Colour Poems series (1974), which she wanted to make "as still as possible", and about her memories of reports of the Spanish Civil War. Extract from Numen of the Boughs, one of the Colour Poems. Tait talking about the film. Aerial (1974). Tait and Krikorian talking about her subject matter. Extract from Landmakar (1981). Tait asks Krikorian if she understood the dialogue in the film. The latter says she feels that looking at the images is more important. Tait suggests that her films "live" if they are seen and responded to. Another extract from Landmakar. Credits.

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Margaret Tait. Film Maker - ACE131.2
1983. Margaret Tait. Film Maker - ACE131.2.

Margaret Tait. Film Maker - ACE131.3
1983. Margaret Tait. Film Maker - ACE131.3.

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