Winifred Nicholson. Not Nailed Down - ACE180.4

1988. Winifred Nicholson. Not Nailed Down - ACE180.4.

TitleWinifred Nicholson. Not Nailed Down - ACE180.4

Collins and colleague examining Shepherd (1936). Collins VO talking about the exhibition being mounted covering Nicholson’s career and showing that she was more than "just a flower painter". Exhibits. Honeysuckle and Sweet Peas (c.1945-1946). Tate Gallery condition report. Collins VO saying that Nicholson formed the style of the Seven and Five Society. Paintings being packed for transport. Collins VO talking about height at which pictures should be hung. Photographs of Nicholson’s grandparents (George Howard, 9th Earl of Carlisle and his wife) and Castle Howard. Christian explaining that her private income meant she was never under pressure to sell paintings which gave her great autonomy. Collins on Nicholson’s exhibitions; labels on the backs of one or two paintings. Collins talking about Nicholson not signing her work and about the importance to her of her family. Family subjects including Kate and Jake, at the Isle of Wight (1931-1932) and Bathtime (1934). Honnor describing conversations she had with Nicholson about relationships. Paris Light (1933-1934). Wilkinson VO talking about Nicholson liking rainbows. Photographs of rainbow effects. Paintings. Wilkinson says Nicholson would ask "what sort of orange?" and "how would you paint that red and the violet?", the latter being "a very important colour to her". View from window. Eigg, Candle (1980). Wilkinson says he would telephone Nicholson to tell her about rainbows he saw. More photographs and painting of rainbow effects. A rainbow. Collins talking about Nicholson looking at the rainbow "as a sort of colour lesson". Flower Table (1938-1939), etc. Collins on Nicholson and Christian Science, and her ability to experience joy. The Gate to the Isles (1980). Hebridean Roses, Eigg (1980). Glimpse Upon Waking (1976). Photographs of Nicholson. Paintings. Nicholson filmed in 1976 through the window of her house. Interior of the house. Photographs of Nicholson. Christian talking about her optimism, and the excitement she found in life. Sooke Valley (c.1930). Nicholson’s words VO: "The picture will always be there… If it is a true picture, I shall never grow tired of it… However familiar I have grown with it, I shall not come to the end of its friendship." Nicholson drinking tea. Credits.

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