Aiya’s Apples Aisha’s Eyes - ACE400.2

1991. Aiya’s Apples Aisha’s Eyes - ACE400.2.

TitleAiya’s Apples Aisha’s Eyes - ACE400.2

Old woman, Aiya, shares an apple with her grand-daughter, Aisha, and starts to tell her the story of the philosopher and the maidservant. There was a pale-skinned rich man who didn’t go out much because he thought his skin was intended to remain pale, a product of his ability to reason; he considered the different roles of people, some who should work and some who should contemplate and philosophise. Stilt figures. His maidservant brings him food. He thinks about a young woman who he sees as held captive by another man and wants her for himself. The young woman says he’s mistaken in his world view as he’s only ever looked into mirrors, not out of windows

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Aiya’s Apples Aisha’s Eyes - ACE400.3
1991. Aiya’s Apples Aisha’s Eyes - ACE400.3.

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