Is This the Future? - ACE422.3

1991. Is This the Future? - ACE422.3.

TitleIs This the Future? - ACE422.3

Marceeah Massop, Editor Sphinx Magazine, says that rap has made young black people aware of their heritage from an Afro-centric perspective. Gilroy talking about people moving away from identities as Caribbean or black British people and into a "different kind of self-definition". Young black men. Some say that without rap they would not have known much about Malcolm X and other past black leaders, or about their own heritage. Biko talking about similarities between the political movement of the 1960s and the 1990s. Black Radical Mk.II in his My Radix Point video. Black Radical talks about how becoming politically aware is to do with nationalism. Film of Malcolm X and Nation of Islam rally. Gilroy believes says it is not clear how black nationalism could work in Britain, though in the United States, black activists thought of building themselves into "a nation within a nation". Gilroy on commercialisation of black nationalism and its effect on the white pop market. Black Radical’s music video. Gilroy thinks rap has helped black people maintain their focus on history but may not help them "place themselves on a more global scale". Vie Marshall, Journalist, has problems with male artists marginalising women’s issues. Film of Elijah Muhammad, Spiritual Leader, Nation of Islam, with Gilroy’s VO suggesting that hip hop and its cultural descendents have been marked by the "masculinist character" of black nationalism. Massop says that more female stars are needed to speak on behalf of women. Cookie Crew’s music video, Secret of Success. Marshall says there hasn’t been a significant impact by women artists as there aren’t enough of them talking about female issues.

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Is This the Future? - ACE422.2
1991. Is This the Future? - ACE422.2.

Is This the Future? - ACE422.4
1991. Is This the Future? - ACE422.4.

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