Is This the Future? - ACE422.4

1991. Is This the Future? - ACE422.4.

TitleIs This the Future? - ACE422.4

Gilroy talks about hip hop changing to blend with dominant British cultural styles. Rebel MC’s video The Wickedest Sound. Rebel MC explaining this as a fusion of hip hop and ragga as he grew up listening to reggae. Gilroy thinks the Afro-centric nature of hip hop is not as new idea in Britain as it was preceded by British reggae and Rastafarian had strong links with an idea of Ethiopian culture. MC Mell’O’ says that rap culture offers an identity in the same way as reggae did in the 1970s. Massop believes that rap has been very important in educating both black and white people. Gilroy suggests that rap is as important as rock and roll in its impact on popular music around the world, and finds it wonderful that this has its roots in African culture. Kapone with The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Credits superimposed.

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Is This the Future? - ACE422.2
1991. Is This the Future? - ACE422.2.

Is This the Future? - ACE422.3
1991. Is This the Future? - ACE422.3.

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