The Office

DirectorRenny Bartlett
One line synopsisOne of a series of short films on documentary photographers living and working Britain: Anna Fox (b.1961).

Photographs of people on their way to and at work, details of office furnishings, equipment, and décor, etc. Lunch break in the canteen and at the desk. Conversations and meetings. Leaving work. In pubs and restaurants. Train. Deserted office. I.D.CARD ANNA FOX. A lot of photographic documentaries are about what is disappearing: I want to show what is appearing. Credits.

Production companyReverie Productions
Running time5 minutes
Full credits

With thanks to Museum of London,
Rank Xerox,
Sound Alan James;
Rostrum camera Begonia Tamarit;
Photographic consultant Jenny Matthews;
Graphic design Siân Thomas,
Madeleine Hall;
Music Danny Thompson;
Editor JoAnn Kaplan;
Executive producer Rodney Wilson;
Produced by Renny Bartlett
and Ian McAuley;
Directed by Renny Bartlett.
Reverie Productions for the Arts Council of Great Britain in association with Channel 4 Television.

Film segmentThe Office - ACE190.2
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