Brad Lochore Meets Anya Hurlbert / Chris Ofili Meets Anthony Ismond

CollaboratorsFlavia Rittner (Director) and Janet Lee (Director)
One line synopsisTwo short films showing contemporary British artists creating works relating to the lives of their recipients: Brad Lochore (b.1960) paints a computer-assisted image for Anya Hurlbert, a vision scientist, and Chris Ofili (b.1968) creates an elephant-dung painting for an inmate at Wormwood Scrubs prison.

Brad Lochore manipulating images on his computer, and arranging objects and lights in order to cast shadows which create optical illusions. Lochore talking about his shadow images and how he likes to draw on the ambiguity between fiction and the real. Anya Hurlbert, a vision scientist, working at her computer, examining how we perceive three-dimensional shape and colour. Hurlbert explains that her work is about trying to find out what mental processes come into play when looking at images, a complementary activity to that of an artist whose work is designed to set off mental processes. Lochore and Hulbert meet. She is surprised and disoriented by his work. She sees a huge range of colours in his apparently grey and white shadow paintings, as well as a very real illusion of three-dimensionality, and compares them to some of the work she’s engaged on in the laboratory. Lochore on his way to Newcastle University to visit Hurlbert’s laboratory. He tries to analyse one of her computer images. She asks him if he can paint some coloured shadows. Hurlbert at home; she and Lochore discuss where she might hang his finished painting. Light flashing through foliage. Lochore has decided to do a painting which is a shadow of nature. He takes a number of photographs and manipulates them in his computer. Lochore in his studio making an artificial "nature" scenes with two different light sources, marking the results on the wall in charcoal. He intends to pick up the theme of the image he saw in her laboratory. Mixing paint on a glass surface. Hurlbert playing the piano. Lochore beginning to paint, but then finds that his model branch has changed shape and no longer matches the charcoal outlines. Hurlbert’s house with the finished painting hanging over the stairs. Hurlbert suggesting that Lochore has take his technique one step further. Lochore in his studio.Some of Chris Ofili’s paintings. Ofili in his studio, working, and talking about how he listens to hip-hop music all day long, and about the materials he uses. More of his paintings. Wormwood Scrubs prison. Hip-hop fan Anthony Ismond, known as Tiswas, has agreed to have a piece of art made for his cell. He explains why. Ofili goes into the prison. He and Ismond meet in the cell. Ismond explains why he’s in prison, and how much he likes hip-hop. Ofili at work, and talking about their meeting, saying he’s not sure what he’s going to do. Ismond working weights in the prison gymnasium; VO says the experience has helped him. Ofili going to the zoo to get some elephant dung. VO talks about his trip to Zimbabwe; the use of elephant dung came out of this trip. Ismond exercising and in his cell. Ofili in his studio, musing on how Ismond will receive his work, and explaining his ideas on "decoration". The finished painting being carried in to the prison, and into Ismond’s cell. Ismond brings some of his mates in to look at it; Ofili joins them. Ofili talking about the experience. Ismond comment on the painting. Credits over shot of painting.

Production companyBBC/Arts Council of England
Running time30 minutes
Full credits

Commentary Tim Marlow;
Title Music Aphex Twin.
With thanks to Marina Bloj,
David Bramwell,
Newcastle University Physiology Department,
HMP Wormwood Scrubs.
Photography Paul Dobson,
Spike Geilinger;
Stephen Little,
Chris Hartley,
Colin Case;
Sound Tony Steel,
Cormac Tohill,
Eric Fever,
John Quinn,
David Brabants,
Phil Clayton;
Dubbing Mixer Mike Sheppard;
On-line Editor Phil Southby;
Unit Manager Erica Banks;
Production Assistants Emma Shakespeare,
Linda Dalling;
Graphic Design Christine Büttner;
Film Editors Stephen Parkinson,
Paul Binns;
Research Emily Kennedy;
Executive Producer, Arts Council of England
Rodney Wilson;
Director (Brad Lochore) Flavia Rittner;
Director (Chris Ofili) Janet Lee;
Series Editor Keith Alexander.
A BBC/Arts Council of England Co-Production.

Film segmentBrad Lochore Meets Anya Hurlbert / Chris Ofili Meets Anthony Ismond - ACE359.2
Brad Lochore Meets Anya Hurlbert / Chris Ofili Meets Anthony Ismond - ACE359.3
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