Mrs Evgeniya Macleod

Mrs Evgeniya Macleod

Evgeniya is a senior lecturer at Westminster Business School (WBS), University of Westminster, London, UK. As a course leader for the BA Business Management Evgeniya is passionate about student learning experience and wellbeing. As a teacher who values student voice she has supported ‘Students as Co-Creators’ projects at WBS as academic partner.

Evgeniya is currently doing a PhD in Higher Educational Research at Lancaster University. Her previous education includes a Bachelor’s Degree with Distinction in Business Management and three Masters degrees, including an MPhil in Entrepreneurship.

Evgeniya's current research interests are:

  • Higher education
  • Leadership and management, including leadership in Higher Education
  • Entrepreneurship, including social and ethnic entrepreneurship

  • Special Interest Group in Entrepreneurship

In brief

Research areas

Entrepreneurship and Research and leadership in Higher Education

Supervision interests

Management, leadership, motivation, entrepreneurship