Dr William Mclean

Dr William Mclean

Will McLean has been organising a visiting lecture series (open to the public) that has been running for over 20 years. The series features the work of architects, engineers, artists and environmental consultants.

Technical Studies Lecture Archive

Michael Jones (Foster and Partners) Building Bloomberg

Talk/presentation / 08 Dec 2022

Gnanli Landrou (ETH / OXARA) Cleancrete: Building with Earth and Construction Waste

Talk/presentation / 01 Dec 2022

Jan Balbaligo + Samsul Aripin - The Future of Building with Bamboo

Talk/presentation / 22 Nov 2022

Nikolay Shahpazov (Bennetts Associates) Regenerative Architecture

Talk/presentation / 17 Nov 2022

Dr Pooja Basnett (University of Westminster) Bacterial Polymers - Bio Plastics

Talk/presentation / 10 Nov 2022

Dr László Tálas - The Science of Camouflage

Talk/presentation / 20 Oct 2022

Deborah Saunt (DSDHA) lecture

Talk/presentation / 06 Oct 2022