Prof Pippa Catterall

Prof Pippa Catterall

After a history degree at Cambridge (1984) I undertook my doctoral thesis on religion and politics in inter-war Britain at Queen Mary University of London, completing in 1989. 

I then spent a year as a research fellow at the Institute of Contemporary British History, writing an award-winning bibliography of post-war Britain. From 1989 until 1999 I was Director of this Institute. I have been a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society since 1996. In 1999-2000 I was on a Fulbright scholarship as visiting professor of British history at Westminster College, Fulton Missouri. 

On my return to the UK I taught history and politics at Queen Mary University of London until my appointment as Reader in History at Westminster in October 2012. I have been Professor of History and Policy at Westminster since November 2016. 

I chair the University of Westminster Press editorial board. I also serve on the University's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee and co-chair the staff Q+ network. 

Outside Westminster I chair the George Lansbury Memorial Trust and AIDS Memory UK. I am also a board member at the Heritage of London Trust.

I have published extensively on religious, political, constitutional, diplomatic and social history and edit the journal National Identities. My current work largely focuses on safety and inclusion in public space.

I am transgender and my pronouns are she/her. 

My recent research has focused upon an Arup-funded project on Queering Public Space.  This has led to a grant from the Quintin Hogg Trust to conduct an EDI Audit of Westminster's campuses.

My next research will focus on statecraft and strategy and will result in various outputs, including a monograph with McGill/Queens University Press.


I am currently completing a research project with colleagues from Westminster International University in Tashkent on Mahalla and state-building in Uzbekistan.

  • History Research Group
  • Centre for Law, Society and Popular Culture
  • Westminster Development Policy Network

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In brief

Research areas

Constitutional and Political History, Public Spaces and Planning, LGBTQ+ History, Religion and Politics, International Relations History, Media History, Urban History, Labour History, National Identities, Museum Studies and Public Policy and Administration

Skills / expertise

Archival research, Oral history, media presentations, event planning and charity management

Supervision interests

Constitutional and Political History, Labour History, LGBTQ+ History, Intelligence History, Sports History, Media History, International Relations History and Public Policy and Administration
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