Dr Stephen Getting

Doctoral ResearcherTitle of ThesisStatus
Ms Isabella CooperKetosis Suppression and Ageing (KetoSAge): Suppression of ketosis negatively affects multiple biomarkers associated with chronic diseases and ageingActive
Miss Dina AhmedIdentification of roles for Peptidylarginine deiminases (PADs) in models of regeneration, assessing capacities of pharmacological PAD inhibitor application - including via controlled Delivery of PAD-inhibitors in Poly (3-hydroxybutyrate) MicrospheresActive
Miss Vedia CanPharmacological profiling of novel melanocortin peptides in 2D and 3D models of activated chondrocytesActive
Miss Ghazal Hatami FardPreparation of polysaccharide-based nano-emulsion to reduce melanoma drug resistance and inflammation markersCompleted
Mr Edward WicksteadThe Formyl Peptide Receptor 2 Regulates Microglial Phenotype Through Immunometabolism: Implications for Alzheimer’s DiseaseCompleted
Mr Bradley ElliottThe Role of Acute Ambient Hypoxia in the Regulation of MyostatinCompleted
Dr Fatemeh Momen HeraviExosomes and miRNAs in disease pathogenesis and opportunities for molecular targetingCompleted
Mr Zhenqiang YaoPhD thesis finalCompleted
Mrs Monika DowejkoDoctoral research projectCompleted
Miss Yanitsa NedelchevaDoctoral research projectCompleted
Eleanor ParkerDoctoral research projectCompleted
Magdalena KanevaDoctoral research projectCompleted