Dr Nasser Golzari

Dr Nasser Golzari is an award-winning architect, academic and researcher. He is the Course Leader for MA Architecture and is also teaching across several courses including March RIBA Part II (DS22) and is part of the PhD supervisory team at the University of Westminster.

Dr Golzari is the founder of Golzari –NG-Architects in London. His practice has developed a reputation of working on sustainable community projects nationally and internationally with specific interest on issues of cultural identity and responsive environmental design. Over the past few years, he has been working extensively in the Middle East region with different organizations including Municipalities, UN-Habitat, British Council, as well as local NGOs.

Nasser has co-founded the design-led research group; PART. The latter aims to search for creative and responsive spatial possibilities that can heal the fragmented landscape. The work combines speculative ideas along with live project as a mean to stretch the physical as well as the imaginative space. The team was awarded a High Commendation in the 2016 RIBA President's Medals Award.

Driven by his research interests in social architecture in European Modernism, he edited the Architectural Magazine A3 Times and A3 Forum. He curated several related exhibitions in the UK and Europe in collaboration with Peter Blundell Jones including the travelling exhibitions on the works of Erich Mendelsohn, Hans Scharoun and Hugo Haring.

More recently, he co-curated series of exhibitions as parts of the London Festival of Architecture as well as Palestine Bienniale titled Qalandiya International, London, 2016. Along with PART, the team was also commissioned to design the Palestinian Sunbird Pavilion for the British Council's 2012 International Art & Architecture Showcase/London Festival of Architecture. His latest work has been the co-curation of the Secrets of the Digital Garden in Chicago Architecture Biennial, 2019 and Berlinale, 2020, a collaborative project with Riwaq.

His projects and research were awarded the RIBA President's Medals High Commendation Award 2016, Grand Design NACSBA - Shortlist 2016, Constructing Communities Award - Shortlist 2016. Golzari has also contributed to several collaborative projects with Palestinian NGO Riwaq which won the Holcim Commendation Award for Sustainable Construction in the MENA Region 2014 – Beit Iksa Eco Kitchen, and The Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2013 for the Regeneration of Birzeit Historic Centre. His projects in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets were also nominated for the Civic Trust Award 2000, 1997 & 1996.  


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2004- 05 New Towns for Compact Cities - culture and economic sustainability

2004-05 'Walled city - London Docklands'

2004 -05 'London Post-colonial Hyper Modern city' Urban Planning Symposium

2003- Investigations on vertical gardens, green roofs and natural cooling system for a prototype green Office - In association with Pierre d'Avoine Architects and London Metropolitan University

2002- Research on energy efficiency methods, courtyard climatic house with solar chimneys- in association with Pierre d'Avoine Architects, Universities of Oxford Brookes and London Metropolitan University as an energy consultant. Sponsored by Iranian Fuel Conservation organisation.

2002- Research on prefabricated-ready made housing technologies with Pierre d' Avoine Architects.

2000- Works and writings of Hugo Haring and the secret of form with Peter Blundell Jones and Sheffield University. Sponsored by the Arts Council of England and private practice.

1996 - Vertical and suspended gardens with courtyard live-work units and different living Manchester.

1996- Living types social housing SRB bid, London.

1994- The architect, Hans Sharoun, projects and works. Sponsored by the Arts Council, Foundation

for Sports & arts, A3Times magazine, Universities of Sheffield South Bank and North London in

collaboration with Peter Blundell Jones and Academic De Kunst Berlin.

1994- Short and long-term living types, suspended gardens and collective living ideas Neruppin

Germany researched with the students at the University of East London and CG Architects.

1988- Proposal for self-build energy-efficient house in collaboration with the University of North London

and Tower Hamlets Housing department and the centre for alternative technology.

1887- Research on Erich Mendelsohn and the Bexhill Pavilion works and writing sponsored by private practices, A3 Times magazine and Bexhill pavilion.

1986- Research on British Modern architecture, 100 years.


  • Golzari has been an educational advisor for several architectural institutions and universities in the Middle East including the Isfahan University of Arts and Azad University.
  • He also led the academic team in forming a whole new university in Karachi. As the Acting Dean, he set up the school of Architecture and Spatial Design.
  • Design Studio Leader MArch and BA Hons Architecture Oxford Brookes University
  • Office-based examiner, Riba Part II, Oxford Brookes University
  • Architecture Pathway Leader Central Saint Martin CSM University of the Arts 
  • Spatial Pathway Leader Central Saint Martin CSM University of the Arts 
  • Chair and urban advisor to The International Art and Architecture Research Association.
  • Research Editor SOS International Architectural Urban and Engineering Design Magazine.

  • Design Practices
  • Environment and Technology

In brief

Research areas

Research by Design, alternative environmental technologies and practices. reconstruction, contested landscape, social ecology

Supervision interests

Research by Design, reconstruction in contested landscape, the right to the city, social architecture, moderninst expressionist architecture