Dr Dan Greenwood

Dr Dan Greenwood

Dr. Dan Greenwood is Reader in Politics and Joint Coordinator of the PhD programme for School of Social Sciences. He holds a PhD in political theory/ political economy from University of Westminster, an MSc in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems (University of Sussex) and a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (University of Oxford). Prior to his academic career, Dr. Greenwood worked for several years as an IT consultant, mainly in London's finance and marketing sectors.

The main focus of Dr Greenwood's research is the evaluation of governance and policy in the face of complex, cross-cutting policy challenges. This includes an interest in problems of coordination, involving inter-relationships between different tiers and spheres of governance, as well as the interface between politics, policy and markets.

A further interest is the implications for democracy of the seemingly increasingly complex nature of governance and policy-making. These issues are explored through a focus on a range of economic, social and environmental areas of governance and policy.

His current and recent projects are:

Forthcoming monograph on ‘Effective Governance,’ to be published by Palgrave in 2023.

Governance and policy for enabling active travel in urban areas: an international comparison of cases, including the Old Oak and Park Royal regeneration project in West London.

Global health as a public good – the role of international governance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The future of governance and policy for low and zero carbon homes (with funding from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, University of Westminster Strategic Insight Programme, Quintin Hogg Foundation)

The 'socialist calculation problem' and the development of novel approaches to economic modelling, particularly relating to the economics of climate change

Dr Greenwood provides doctoral research supervision on projects evaluating governance and policy across a range of sectors, including environmental governance, renewable energy, health, built environment/ urban planning, drawing from approaches in political science, policy analysis, political theory and political economy. He welcomes receipt of doctoral research proposals lying within these areas of research interest.

  • Centre for the Study of Democracy
  • Climate Change, Energy Policy and Sustainability

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In brief

Research areas

Governance/ policy analysis and evaluation, Complexity, coordination and innovation and Sustainable development/ climate change/ regional and urban development

Supervision interests

Analysis and evaluation of governance and policy-making in complex domains, e.g. sustainable development, health, urban governance, economic and regional development, Democracy, deliberation and complexity and How political ideologies view the inter-relationships between governance and markets