Dr David Khabaz

Dr David Khabaz

I joined University of Westminster’s Sociology team in 2008 where my specialist teaching is in media, globalisation and research methods.

My PhD research, which I completed in 2000 at the London School of Economics, examined the development of British media as an institution of ‘culture industry’ and an integral component of global economy. My first book, published in 2006, is closely, but not entirely, related to my doctoral research and is entitled: ‘Manufactured Schema: Thatcher, the Miners and the Culture Industry’.

I am a qualified higher education teacher. I received my first teaching qualification (PGCE-FE) in 1997.In 2016, I gained, with distinction, a Professional Recognition and Enhancement Scheme for Teaching (PRESTige) and received Fellowship of UK’s Higher Education Academy.

In terms of impact, I have external association with the University of St Thomas in Minnesota, USA. I teach one of their main courses in ‘Inter-Cultural Communication’ in London. I also co-supervise Masters’ thesis at the University of Hamburg in Germany. 

Professional membership:

Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society 

British Sociological Association

Research interests

My main research expertise is in ‘social relevance’ of media and, in particular, the impact of social media on the cultural, political and economic relations of the world. Currently, I am developing a research portfolio on the impact of social media on global interest in 'democratic rights and political activism' and have published two articles in this field: The Revolt and the Role of the Politicized Youth in the Middle East, (Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. XXXVI, No.1, Fall 2012) and ‘Framing Brexit: the role, and the impact, of the national newspapers on the EU Referendum’, Sage Journal of Newspaper Research, Volume 39 Issue 3, November 2018)

  • Sociology and Cultural Studies Research Group
  • Centre for the Study of Democracy

In brief

Research areas

Media and Human Rights; Brexit and the Media; Globalisation and social media

Supervision interests

Media and communities; media and Brexit; Human Rights