Dr Trino-Manuel Niguez

Dr Trino-Manuel Niguez

Research grants from funding bodies

2022-2026: Co-investigator, research grant PID2021-124860NB-I00, project entitled "Quantitative Methods and Empirical Studies in Econometrics and Financial Intermediation", Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and FEDER. 

2016-2019: Co-investigator, research grant ECO2016-75631-P, project entitled “Solidarity as Engine of Economic Growth”, Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

2015: Principal investigator, research fellow, project entitled “Financial Risk Modelling and Forecasting under High Degrees of Uncertainty”, Bank of Spain.

2006-2009: Co-investigator, research grant SEJ2006/06104, project entitled: "Value-at-Risk, Prices and Convergence: Econometric Models and Financial Applications", Spanish Ministry of Education.

2002-2004: Co-investigator, research grant CTIDIB/2002/175, project entitled "Empirical Study of Econometric Models", Valencian Community.

2001-2002: Co-investigator, research grant GR01/228, project entitled "Econometrics: Theory and Applications", Valencian Community.