Prof Guy Osborn

Doctoral ResearcherTitle of ThesisStatus
Ms Elizabeth CarrCopyright, Taste, Bourdieu - the role of copyright law in shaping how cultural goods are created, distributed, and valuedActive
Miss Aanon Siddiqua The Music Copyright regime in Multiversal Bangladesh: A gainful succession or a system seeking evolution?Active
Mr Christian WeissHas the official recognition of sports' specific nature in Article 165(1) TFEU strengthened sports bodies' concept of sporting autonomy when it comes to sports regulation within the EU?Active
Miss Marloes SpreeuwThe Application of the Principle of Mutual Recognition in EU Criminal Law Matters - Internally and Externally vis-a-vis Pre-Accession PolicyCompleted
Mr Matthew SorrentoTo what extent does the new American crime film reflect hybridity of genre?’Completed
Mr Serhat YilmazThe EU and Players' Agents: A theoretical analysis of the EU's intervention into the regulation of players' agents in EuropeCompleted
Mr Danilo MandicDoctoral research projectCompleted
Mr Andrea PavoniDoctoral research projectCompleted
Steve GreenfieldDoctoral research projectCompleted
Oxana ChiscencoDoctoral research projectCompleted