Prof Mohammed Gulrez Zariwala

Prof Mohammed Gulrez Zariwala

I am a Professor in Translational Physiology and Director of the Centre for Nutraceuticals at the School of Life Sciences, University of Westminster. The Centre is a first of its kind initiative that will aim to be a globally recognised source of credible scientifically validated information, and a catalyst for improving health and wellbeing guided by research and innovation.

Originally a Pharmacy graduate, I went on to read an MSc in Drug Delivery at UCL School of Pharmacy and a PhD in Diabetes and Metabolic Medicine at Queen Mary, University of London. I have a strong focus on working collaboratively within academia as well as the industry, and promoting knowledge exchange and research translation. I have a proven track record in science based nutraceutical new product development and product validation within the focus areas of nutraceuticals, functional foods and supplements. My research expertise is broad and spans the areas of formulation science and drug/bioactive delivery, iron metabolism, obesity, type 2 diabetes, satiety and neurodegeneration.

Applicants who are interested in PhD or shorter undergraduate and postgraduate level research projects in the above fields are welcome to get in touch.

I lead a research team of doctoral scholars, research associates, and research assistants working on projects in these areas. My research has been funded by the UK government (Innovate UK), charities (e.g. Society for Endocrinology) and international grants from prestigious agencies such as the Indonesian government (LPDP) and the Nigerian government (TETFund). Previous and ongoing research projects have led to consistent outputs in the form of peer-reviewed publications and presentations.

Past knowledge exchange projects include a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project that helped in the development of the UK’s top-selling liquid iron supplement product now marketed in 40+ countries worldwide. A recent clinical study via an industry-funded project made the novel discovery that curcumin, an extract from the Indian curry spice turmeric when combined with iron supplements can increase the levels of a brain protein that can protect against neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s ( 

A number of projects are ongoing in partnership with global leaders in nutrition supplements and ingredients as well as small and medium UK-based companies.

Ongoing academic research projects:

Excessive iron accumulation mediated oxidative stress and β-cell dysfunction via perturbations of insulin secretion in MIN6 cells.

Nanotechnology based therapeutic approaches to iron-induced oxidative stress in an in vitro model. of Parkinson’s disease.

Novel insights into the interaction between iron and curcumin and its physiological consequences.

Novel nutrient-based approaches for appetite regulation and obesity.

New product development:

Spatone Apple – helped optimise and develop an oral iron supplement product for A Nelson & Company. Now the UK’s leading product in its category marketed in 40+ countries.

Nutrient ball – developed a first-of-a-kind prenatal oral supplement product in the form of ‘active confectionery’ for Tashee Ltd (UK). To be launched in the UK market in 2021. 

Unity oral and beverage supplement range – developed a concept and products for a range  of nutraceutical products for wellbeing, exercise, and nutrition for Unity Ltd (UK). This novel range will be launched globally in 2021.

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