Dr Gustavo Espinoza Ramos

Dr Gustavo Espinoza Ramos

I hold a degree in Business Information Technology at Coventry University. I had work experience in a telecommunication and IT companies. Additionally, I had the opportunity to work for two years as an investor relations assistant in a small Peruvian mining company that encouraged me to study a MSc in Mining Engineering at the Camborne School of Mines (CSM) in the University of Exeter. In a broader context, the current efforts of mining companies to improve productivity due to the reduction of the prices of the commodities,  the social protest by rural communities around in mining operations in Peru, the lack of guidance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies for small, medium size mining companies and my interest in how a mining company can positively contribute to the sustainable development of rural community meanwhile maximising their profits are reasons that have encouraged me pursuing a PhD in this field since 2015.

Other interests are on international development, well-being and the use of technology in pedagogy which encouraged me to become a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) since May 2018. 

My research explores the contribution of community partnership to the development of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) initiatives in the Peruvian Mining industry that support the approval of the social license to operate. This thesis aims to evaluate the impact of community partnership agreements in order to attain the social license to operate in the mining industry in Peru, to evaluate how legal framework contributes to the community participation during the development of CSR initiatives in the mining industry, to analyse whether the community concerns could develop social, environmental and economic performance indicators in sustainability reports; and to determine the best practices for the development of community partnership agreements.

  • Climate Change, Energy Policy and Sustainability

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Social partnerships, sustainability, extractive industry and developing countries

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