Dr Helen Solomon

Dr Helen Solomon

Dr. Helen Solomon is Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Westminster. She joined the School of Organisation, Economy and Society in March, 2019. Prior to her current role, she was Senior Lecturer in Economics at De Montfort University.

She is mainly interested in development macroeconomics, economic growth and monetary policy in the banking sector. She has published  articles in Applied Economics, China Economic Review and most recently in Research in  International Business and Finance. She also has been invited to peer review articles in the Journal of Development Areas, Empirical Economics and African Development Review.

In July 2015, she successfully obtained funding from the British Academy’s Newton Mobility Grants Scheme in collaboration with the University of Cape Town. The objective of this new collaboration is to strengthen research capacity on Monetary Policy and the Banking Sector in South Africa.

Her current research focus are on the Bank Lending Channel in developing countries as well as social media in developing countries. She is also currently collaborating on funded projects in relation to Social Media in the Fashion Sector in Leicester and Business Rates and High Street Closures.

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