Dr Paolo Cascone

Dr Paolo Cascone

Born in Italy and growing up between the West Indies and East Africa, I studied architecture at the University of Naples and environmental design at the Architectural Association. I have started to develop my research by design agenda at the  intersection of ecological design and sustainable constructions during my master at the AA and then with a Ph.D. at the CIRPS / University of Rome. I am teaching as Senior Lecturer in both the BSc and MSc in Architecture and Environmental Design.  In year 2007 I have founded CODESIGNLAB, an experimental design laboratory with many realized community-oriented projects between Europe and Africa.  The African Fabbers project has been recently displayed at the Venice Biennale of Architecture (2021) . The AF Atlas will be soon published by Actar.

My research agenda focuses on design to build processes for climate sensitive and performative architectures. Such interdisciplinary approach investigates on an information-based design methodologies, bridging high and low technologies with natural and recycled materials towards community oriented projects. In the past years I have been principal investigator in several applied research projects on urban ecologies and eco-digital construction in partnership with international institutions and construction stakeholders  with many realized scale 1 to 1  architectural prototypes. More recently  at the UoW I am contributing to different research projects, among the others the Globally-informed City Climate Pedagogy & Practice (UoW SCUE) as well as leading the African Off-grid Housing project (GCRF-UKRI) . The Off-grid Housing Prototypes project has been recently granted by  the QHT and will be developed in the 2022-23 academic year.  I am currently assessor of several PhD projects and I welcome PhD applications from students who have interests in the following topics: ecological design, eco-digital manufacturing, sustainable constructions, community oriented architecture and off-grid housing.

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environmental design, sustainable construction, eco-digital manufacturing, community oriented design processes,off-grid architectures

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environmental design, sustainable construction, eco-digital manufacturing, off-grid architecture