Dr Yaz Osho

Dr Yaz Osho

Yaz is Principal Lecturer and Director of Academic Professional Development at CETI. She previously held the role of Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and School EDI Lead at the University of Westminster. 

She previously held academic roles at UEL; Kings College, University of London; Middlesex University and INTO. She held the position of Senior School Fellow in the School of Law, Politics, and Sociology at the University of Sussex in 2011 and completed a Post-doctorate at Kings College, University of London.

Yaz gained her Ph.D. from Goldsmiths College, University of London. 

Her research interests include: the Black awarding gap; inclusive teaching strategies and non-traditional students; Black academics' experience in HE; ethnic entrepreneurship and widening participation and entrepreneurship education. 

PhD: ‘Race’, Capital and Enterprise: A Qualitative Study of Black Business and Organizations in London, 2007


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Beyond Performance: Cultural Enquiry into Major Events and Culture, Kings Cultural Institute, 2013


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Growing Pains: The Politics of African (dis)/identification for Blacks in the 1980-1990s (for research in 2019)


Throwback Tresses: The UK Natural Hair Revival (for research in 2021)


Reflexivity and Co-Ethnic Teaching: How the PGCHEP affects Professional Practice in Teaching BME Learners in a Widening Participation Institution, (for research in 2021)


Pushed or Pulled: Black Students and Graduates Journey into Self-Employment, (for publication in 2021)


Strategies of Engagement and Alternative Providers: Enhancing Learning in Providing Contextual Enterprise Education, (for research in 2021)


Towards an Embedded Curriculum: Alternative Providers and BME Learners, (for research in 2021)


Imposter Syndrome: Academic Parents (for research in 2021)




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In brief

Research areas

Black awarding gap, Racially minoritised academics , Inclusive teaching practices , Decolonial praxis, Social entrepreneurship and Race and higher education

Skills / expertise

Qualitative research, Interviewing , Coaching , Mentoring and EDI

Supervision interests

Race and higher education, Awarding gap and BAME entrepreneurship
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