Dr Xanthi Maragkoudaki

Dr Xanthi Maragkoudaki

After completing a BSc in Biology, Dr. Maragkoudaki worked as a researcher on non-communicable diseases. She then decided to undertake an MSc in Public health Nutrition in the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Following that, she worked as a nutrition scientist at PHE and she supported SACN at the completion of their report on early years nutrition. 

Her work and passion for early years nutrition was the reason she decided to do a PhD in the field of developmental programming at King’s College with Dr Taylor and Prof. Poston. Her PhD was in collaboration with Tate and Lyle as part of her research was to test the therapeutic potential of functional food. She carried on her work with King’s College as a Postdoctoral associate and published her work on the effect of maternal nutrition in the offspring in peer-reviewed journals. Her research area panned from prebiotics during pregnancy to energy expenditure. 

Before her current post as a lecturer, she worked as a registered nutrition professional assisting families, supporting charities and advising early years childcare providers on nutrition practices. In addition, she carried on giving lectures on public health nutrition not only to nutrition students but also to non-academics.

 She is now a lecturer in Public Health and Nutrition at the University of Westminster ad the course leader for the BSc Public Health.

Dr. Maragkoudaki has previously collaborated with the industry and conducted research on developmental programming, energy expenditure, microbiota and obesity.

Dr. Maragkoudaki's research interests include:

  •  Women and children's health 
  • Nutritional exposures and gut microbiota
  • Obesity prevention
  • Weight bias and stigma

  • Global Health and Active Nutrition

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