Acetylcholine receptor channels and their block by clonidine in cultured bovine chromaffin cells.

Polishing Black Diamonds

Great Noises That Fill the Air. Bow Gamelan Ensemble (formed East London, 1983)

Gavin Bryars

Clocks of the Midnight Hours. The work of Max Eastley

Winifred Nicholson. Not Nailed Down


Stones and Flies. Richard Long in the Sahara

Silver Shine

Marketing the Arts. Foundation for success


Exit No Exit

Three Wave Soliton Interactions in Warm Magnetized Plasmas

The nuclear weapons world: who, how and where

An assessment of manager/subordinate perceptions of performance appraisal effectiveness

Le Conseil tripartite 1944-1948

The Role of Jean Monnet in setting up the European Coal and Steel Community

Structural and idiotypic relationships between monoclonal antibodies specific for IgG1 (Fc) subclass epitopes


ELISA of aflatoxins

Shenyang Acrobatic Group

The Greatest Show on Earth


Alter Image: Series 3

Rivers and river regulation in the UK

Final report short-term transputer loan TR1/083

The unification of systolic differencing algorithms

Triangular systolic arrays for matrix product and factorisation

Short notes: improved matrix product computation using double-pipeline systolic arrays

Improved matrix product computation using double-pipeline systolic arrays

Compact systolic arrays for incomplete matrix factorisation methods

Transputer implementation of systolic arrays for model reduction

Implementing SVD computation for feedback control systems on transputer arrays

Hardware accelerators for STABLE-H

Cysts and sediments: Gonyaulax polyedra Stein (Lingulodinium machaerophorum (Deflandre & Cookson) Wall) in Loch Creran

Novel hapten-protein conjugation methods for the synthesis of immunogens and coating conjugates for use in ELISA

Assay of gene expression by immunodetection

Hydrological changes and river regulation in the UK

The control of biennial bearing in cider apples

The alternating group explict (AGE) systolic array for the solution of large linear systems

Systolic arrays for group explicit methods for solving parabolic partial differential equations

Tribulin in post-traumatic stress disorder

Expression of legumin sequences in pea, Nicotiana and yeast

Urinary catecholamine metabolite and tribulin output during lactate infusion

Increased urinary tribulin output in generalised anxiety disorder

The implementation of a functional machine on a transputer network

Simulation of the parallel execution of lambda graphs

Wilton House and English palladianism: some Wiltshire houses

NMR Spectroscopy of body fluids

Writing systems and the vernacularization of literacy in Mauritius

Recognizing Mauritian Bhojpuri

Supercomputers : technology and applications : fourteenth EUROMICRO Symposium on Microprocessing and Microprogramming (EUROMICRO '88), Zurich, August 29-September 1, 1988

SERC/DTI Transputer Initiative Workshop on Transputer Development Environments

SERC/DTI Transputer Initiative Workshop Final Report

Regulated rivers, research and management: river regulation in the United Kingdom

Systolic array for the quotient difference algorithm

Empirical support for the importance of timing: an analysis of retail property investment performance

Metabolic profiling of body fluids by proton NMR: self-poisoning episodes with paracetamol (acetaminophen)

Accumulation of fine sediment within substrate gravels along two regulated rivers, UK

Factors affecting 1h NMR spectra of blood plasma: cancer, diet and freezing

Regulated rivers in the United Kingdom

Hydrological changes and river regulation in the UK

A model based recognition system for tactile data

Isatin: identity with the purified endogenous monoamine oxidase inhibitor tribulin

NMR-invisible lactate in blood plasma

Tribulin: an endocoid marker for anxiety in man

Water management: the case of Lake Biwa, Japan

Matrix power generation using an optical reduced-bandwidth systolic array