Erratum: Block of potassium currents in rat isolated sympathetic neurones by tricyclic antidepressants and structurally related compounds (Br. J. Pharmacol. (1993), 110, 1126-1132)

Modulation of the gating of the transient outward potassium current of rat isolated cerebellar granule neurons by lanthanum

Household and small-scale rural enterprises in the southern European periphery: A case-study from Peonia, Greece

Flexible Specialization in the Southern European Periphery: The Growth of Garment Manufacturing in Peonia County, Greece

An Integrated Approach to Flexible Modelling and Animated Simulation

A Benchmarking Handbook for Managers

Molecular characterization of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors expressed in mammalian cells yields evidence for the coexistence of three subunit types within a discrete receptor molecule.

Altered expression of N-acetyl galactosamine glycoproteins by breast cancers.

Subregional mapping of the human lymphocyte-specific protein tyrosine kinase gene (LCK) to 1p35-->p34.3 and its position relative to the 1p marker D1S57.

Telomeric sequences of ase/lus aquaticus (Crust. isop.)

Concurrent mapping of an adenovirus 5/SV40 integration site and the U1 snRNA cluster (RNU1) within 400 kb of the chromosome region 1p36.1.

A Thousand Borrowed Eyes

Talking the Talk


Iqbal. Two or three things I know about him

Identical Beat

Can I Touch It

A Bridge to the Past




Pictures on the Piano

The Soul of Stax

Nobody’s Here but Me. Cindy Sherman

Kitaj. In the picture

Jazz Rebound

The Darker Side of Black

The Colour of Britain


Outside In

Drip. A narcissistic love story.

Alistair Fish

Winston Silcott. The beard of justice

Tokunbo Suya

Sweet & Spicy

Soft Target

Just Ten


Black Propaganda by Radio: the German Concordia broadcasts to Britain 1940–1941

Information and Advice about Benefits

Coordinating Growth Management Through Consensus-Building: Incentives and the Generation of Social, Intellectual and Political Capital

An Adaptive Neurocontrol Design applied to the Attitude Control Problem

Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms for the Attitude Control Problem

Neuro-Genetic Adaptive Attitude Control

The Velvet Arena

Fair selection

A missed opportunity to plan the reconstruction of Europe? Franco-British relations 1945-1947

Paperback History (review article) 'New books focusing on the working class'

Long Range Predictive Controller for Underwater Robotic Vehicles using Recurrent Neural Networks

Neural Network Based Predictive Control Systems for Underwater Robotic Vehicles

Understanding Sources and Documents

Europe 1914-1945

Europe 1870-1914

Europe 1815-1870

Britain 1918-1951

Britain 1867-1918

Britain 1815-1867

Software engineering for parallel processing

Software engineering for parallel processing

The score: Series

TV Operas: The Empress

TV Operas: Camera

Chief Chief!

The development of genitives in Mauritian Creole

Flow allocation for in-river needs

The impact of large dams and river basin schemes

Rivers: dynamic components of catchment ecosystems

The graduate in a developing profession

Systolic algorithm design environments (SADEs)

Automatic derivation of systolic algorithms for Kalman filtering

Partitioning and mapping for lower dimensional given arrays

Fixed sized systolic arrays for matrix inversion using a Monte Carlo method

Systolic matrix inversion using a Monte Carlo method

Systolic matrix inversion by Monte Carlo method

Towards a formal model of algorithmic engineering

Final Report, SERC Grant GR/F 80494: design of multi-layer systolic algorithms

CAD tools for the automatic synthesis of parallel algorithms in control

rehabilitation of river margins

The transfer of managerial knowledge to Eastern Europe

A foot on the ladder - a study of households on the margins of renting and owning a home

Deterministic parallel execution Of sequential programs

High performance parallel simulation of telecommunication networks

SSADM: Its strengths and weaknesses and a comparison with some other structured methodologies

Women and Islam in North America

Siliceous dinoflagellate thecal fossils from the Eocene of Barbados

Comparison of HPF-like Systems

Implementation and evaluation of parallel n-D convex hull algorithms

A space-time modeler for systlic algorithms

Business travel

HIV and drugs services: the challenge of change

The revival of the state lottery in Britain

The party and religion

The battle of Cable Street

Systolic designs for evaluating linear combinations of Chebyshev polynomials

Systolic arrays for accelerating iteration processes

Road transport industry: financial trends

Logistics strategies for Europe

Distribution and logistics trends in the food manufacturing industry

Space and the nation: three texts on Aldo Rossi

Defining and recording the resource: the built environment

Synthesis of the first lanthanide complexes of dialkyl α-hydroxyiminophosphonates; ambivalent ligand bonding in the PrIII and NdIII complexes of diisopropyl α-hydroxyiminopropylphosphonate (L1), [PrL13Cl3] and [NdL12(NO3)3(H2O)]

First structural characterisation of an amino phosphonate monoester metal complex

Metal-ion controlled helicity of an 18-membered hexaaza tetraamine macrocycle

Yttrium(III) and lanthanide(III) metal complexes of an 18-membered hexaaza tetraimine macrocycle. Crystal structure of the gadolinium(III) complex

The businessman's guide to rating: practical advice for the 1995 rating revaluation in England & Wales

NMR studies of body fluids and tissue extracts

Creativity in Creole genesis

Book review: Language in indenture: a sociolinguistic history of Bhojpuri-Hindi in South Africa, by Rajend Mesthrie

PARKBENCH Report -1: Public International Benchmarks for Parallel Computers, Technical Report: UT-CS-93-213

PARKBENCH Report - 1: Public international benchmarks for parallel computers

Broad transcription in phonetic training

A new international history of the Spanish Civil War

"Just-in-time transport", comment

How to use biological abstracts, chemical abstracts, and index chemicus

Mapping knapsack type problems on 2D regular arrays: two case studies

Understanding post-war British society

Transformational approaches to systolic design

The River's handbook: hydrological and ecological principles. Vol. 2

International directory of African studies research = : Repertoire international des etudes Africaines. 3rd fully revised edition

Thermodynamic analysis of agonist and antagonist binding to the chicken brain melatonin receptor

Protein kinase C mediates delayed inhibitory feedback regulation of human neurokinin type 1 receptor activation of phospholipase C in UC11 astrocytoma cells

Book review: Why architects draw, Ed Robbins

Whither Greek telecommunications policy? Politics, the state and telecommunications policy in Greece

Effect of fish oil on cancer cachexia and host liver metabolism in rats with prostate tumours

Development and resistance: the lessons for planners of Phola Park

Critical modernity

A role for the stele in inter tissue signalling in the initiation of abscission in bean leaves (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Systolic state estimators for discrete-time controllers

Software tools for algorithmic engineering

Utilization of uniformly labeled 13C-polyunsaturated fatty acids in the synthesis of long-chain fatty acids and cholesterol accumulating in the neonatal rat brain

Synthesis, characterization and comparative study of aminophosphonate chelates of gadolinium(III) ions as magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents

Crystallization, sequence and preliminary crystallographic data for transmission-blocking anti-malaria Fab 4B7 with cyclic peptides from the Pfs25 protein of P. falciparum

Young gay men and HIV: running the risk?

Dysphoria and immune status in postpartum women

Calling all couch potatoes

Knowledge and practice of sexual safety in Melbourne gay men in the nineties

Habermas's treatment for relativism

Influence of water abstraction on the macroinvertebrate community gradient within a glacial stream system: La Borgne d'Arolla, Valais, Switzerland

Glacial rivers: physical habitat and ecology

The training benefits of big science

Cerebral Phosphorus-31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy in patients with chronic hepatic encephalopathy

Stress, arousal, Cortisol and secretory immunoglobulin A in students undergoing assessment

Benchmarking for distributed memory parallel systems: gaining insight from numbers

Low flows and recovery of macroinvertebrates in a small regulated chalk stream