Rawlings, J. 2008. Tri-angulation. Duff House (outstation National gallery of Scotland) 2nd april - 31st May 2009

CreatorsRawlings, J.

Tri-angulation is a multi-projection video installation using acrylic and black glass screens. The video loops, based on 3 separate historic journeys explore contemporary issues around migration and dis-location. The journeys were taken by a Polish Displaced person after WW2, a young woman travelling to India in 1845 and impoverished and homesick boy sailors in the late 19th century. The videos combine location filming at key ports, Liverpool, Southampton and Aberdeen, constructed sequences and archival material.They explore the liminal, or in-between, state experienced when leaving home for an unknown destination.

Publication dates
Output mediaMulti screen video with perspex and black glass

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