Dean, J.M. 2003. Provisional.

CreatorsDean, J.M.

This project developed into an installation comprising of 30 titled elements of varying status (artworks and not) for which materials, equipment and objects were borrowed, found, bought, and fabricated during the course of the residency. It became an interrogation of the gallery space, the local environment and my activities (both as an artist and in general), and was a kind of improvised, art survival exercise.

For example, an early decision was not to use any source of artificial light inside the gallery. This had two effects – firstly, that light became very important to the project; secondly, that the space looked neither open nor closed to passers-by. The final elements that I installed were Art Surplus Store, where all surplus material and found / bought objects etc. (including sawdust and rubbish) were displayed in the window for sale; and Mea Culpa, graffitied along the inside top edge of the window (just out of easy reach), using highly toxic spray paint. This was a critical conclusion to my work: that, regardless of my intentions, I was dependent on unsustainable methodologies and constructs throughout. The gallery was open to the public at set times throughout the residency, and there was a closing event at the end which took place in the evening: the work gradually disappeared from view as the sun set.

Below is a list of all other elements (/ works):

Base, Bed; Candlestick, Candles; Climbing French Beans, Climbing French Beans in wall (ascending); Diet / Local Produce Text on paper; Domestic Policy (Flaw Piece) Cleaning, drill holes and web page printouts on floor; Double Vision Mini telescope and blu-tac on glass door; Drive, Wing mirror; First Class Post, First class stamps and postcard on pillar; Forbidden, Web page printout; Incoming / Outgoing (if you return for any reason), Cardboard boxes and telephone; Knickers, World map and marker pen; Patchwork Pillar, Found furniture / wood; Photosynthesis, Grass cuttings and light fixture; Provisional, Text on paper; Rubbish Flower, Personal rubbish and borrowed screwdriver; Ruin, Weed and found hole; Screw Collection, Found screws and holes with rawlplugs; Transitory Tree, Mirror and computer print; Underclass Post, Postcard and second class stamp; Unicycle, Unicycle; Untitled 2, Polythene, cotton, nylon, nails; Untitled 3, Chewing gum and wrapper; Waste, Toilet, unused pipe, sawdust.

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Dean, J.M. 2007. Plot.

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Dean, J.M., Min, Y.S., Fung, R. and Novaczek Ruth 2005. Unplugged. Toyoto Museum, Aichi, Japan

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