Journey to the Interior

Stehlikova, T. 2017. Journey to the Interior. Dissenters Chapel and gallery 21 - 21 May 2017

CreatorsStehlikova, T.

A multi-sensory, participatory performance and a feast, inspired by George Bellas Greenough, a geologist and a founder of the Geological Society, London as well as Jules Verne’s story the Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

The project was an outcome of a long developmental process, consisting of sensory workshops exploring various aspects of storytelling through all the senses. It’s a collaboration between filmmaker Tereza Stehlikova and a creative team of artists, scientists and philosophers, interested in sensory perception and sensory literacy.

The second stage of this project is a creation of a short film which captures/embodies the experience in its multi-sensory form.

The performance will happened within the context of Open Senses Festival, a London wide festival, dedicated to the senses, and was supported by Czech Centre London as well as Dissenters Gallery.

EventJourney to the Interior - participatory performance
Keywordssensory perception
moving image
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