TRIESTE: In-between states

Stehlikova, T. 2016. TRIESTE: In-between states.

TitleTRIESTE: In-between states
CreatorsStehlikova, T.

Short film called Trieste: In-between states, 2016, inspired by a conversation with John Berger, and made in collaboration with writer Deborah Levy. The film is an impressionistic documentary about the city Trieste exploring themes of belonging displacement and identity. The film weaves a narrative from fragments of personal histories of Trieste’s inhabitants capturing various migrant communities (Jews, Greeks, Serbians) that have made their home here bringing their own religion and customs. Intertwined with these fragments are excerpts from Levy’s short story Swallowing Geography reflecting on nature of belonging and displacement permanence and ephemerality and the meaning of home.

embodied memory
meaning of home
Deborah Levy
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