Bass Culture film

Riley, M. and Fully Focussed 2019. Bass Culture film.

TitleBass Culture film
CreatorsRiley, M. and Fully Focussed

The film ‘Bass Culture’, uniquely identified the musicians and industry professionals required to voice the creatively, across five decades of new musical genres. Driven by the perspective of youth, the film starts in the present and journeys back to the late 1950. Important to this film is the unbroken inter generational explanation, of the birth of, the most significant black British music genres since the 70s. All content was cross checked with chart and sales data, industry experts and audience accounts

Date09 May 2019
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Media typeVideo

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Bass Culture 70/50
Riley, M. 2018. Bass Culture 70/50. Ambika P3 25 Oct - 22 Nov 2018
Riley, M. 2017. Westminster School of Arts - DCDI.

Bass Culture: an alternative sound track to Britishness
Riley, M. 2014. Bass Culture: an alternative sound track to Britishness. in: Stratton, J. and Zuberi, N. (ed.) Black Popular Music in Britain since 1945 Farnham Ashgate. pp. 101-114

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